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Delve into the top issues facing the metals industry, from strategic considerations to sustainable practices, with a focus on the fast-growing sectors of construction, hydrogen, electric vehicles (EV), wind energy, and solar energy. In this dynamic and engaging theatre, we will bring together industry leaders, innovators, and experts who are reshaping the landscape of the UK metals industry. Our goal is to explore the challenges and opportunities that lie within the supply chain, examining strategies that drive growth and efficiency, while emphasising sustainability as a fundamental pillar for future success.

Speakers include:

Dr Pam Murrell, Chief Executive, the Cast Metals Federation
Chief Executive
The Cast Metals Federation
Geoff Courtney, Head of Sales UK and Ireland at Envases
Head of Sales UK and Ireland
Envases Europe A/S
Dr Stephen Norris, Operations Director at Marine Power Systems
Operations Director
Marine Power Systems
Tom Jones, CEO at ALFED, The Aluminium Federation
The Aluminium Federation (ALFED)

All our sessions are free to attend and open for you to drop in as you please.

Wednesday 13th September 2023

10:20 -  11:10

Why a UK industrial strategy matters and how we get there

Join us for an engaging discussion on the importance of a robust industrial strategy for the UK and the steps needed to successfully implement it. Our distinguished panel of industry experts will share insights into the key factors that make an industrial strategy essential for economic growth, innovation, and long-term sustainability. Panellists will explore the benefits of a well-defined industrial […]

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Christopher Greenough, Chief Commercial Officer at SDE TechnologyChristopher Greenough Chief Commercial Officer
SDE Technology
Gareth Stace, Director General of UK SteelGareth Stace Director General
UK Steel
man-portrait-silhouetteNeil Hodgson Deputy Director Energy Intensive Industries
Department for Business & Trade
Paul Byard, Managing Director at FSG Tool and Die LtdPaul Byard Managing Director
FSG Tool and Die Ltd
Paul Mullins, Director at KallanishPaul Mullins Director | UK
Tom Jones, CEO at ALFED, The Aluminium FederationTom Jones CEO
The Aluminium Federation (ALFED)
11:20 -  12:10

How can the UK steel industry decarbonise and achieve Net Zero?

Explore the crucial topic of decarbonising the UK steel industry and the strategies required to achieve the ambitious goal of Net Zero emissions. Delve into the key factors driving the need for decarbonisation in the steel industry. We will examine the environmental impact of current steel production processes, explore the latest advancements in low-carbon technologies, and discuss the economic and […]

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Ben Burggraaf, Chief Executive Officer of Net Zero Industry WalesBen Burggraaf CEO
Net Zero Industry Wales
Cameron Pleydell-PearceCameron Pleydell-Pearce TATA Steel Chair
Swansea University
John Barrett, Professor in Energy and Climate Policy at the University of LeedsJohn Barrett Professor in Energy and Climate Policy
University of Leeds
Peter Quinn, Head of Environmental Policy & Strategy at Tata Steel EuropePeter Quinn Head of Environmental Policy & Strategy
Tata Steel Europe
Russ Hall, Chief Engineer for Net Zero at HMVCRuss Hall Chief Engineer for Net Zero
High Value Manufacturing Catapult
Timothy Stock, Head of Steel, Procurement and Trade at BEISTimothy Stock Head of Embodied Emissions Reporting
Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ)
12:20 -  13:10

CBAM is coming. Is it an opportunity or a threat for the UK metals industry?

Join our panel of industry experts for a thought-provoking discussion on the imminent arrival of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and its potential impact on the UK metals industry. CBAM poses a crucial question: Is it an opportunity or a threat? During this engaging session, our panelists will delve into the intricacies of CBAM and its implications for the […]

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Alan Banks, UK Lightweight Innovations Manager at Ford Motor CompanyAlan Banks UK Lightweight Innovations Manager
Ford Motor Company
Frank S. Aaskov, Energy & Climate Change Policy Manager at Make UK (UK Steel)Frank S. Aaskov Energy & Climate Change Policy Manager
Make UK (UK Steel)
Michael HoranMichael Horan Chief Executive Officer
Sherwood Stainless & Aluminium
Steven Vercammen, Senior Expert at McKinsey & CompanySteven Vercammen Senior Expert
McKinsey & Company
13:20 -  14:05

When it comes to sustainable metals we need both eyes open

In this thought-provoking panel discussion, we draw inspiration from the groundbreaking book “Sustainable Materials with Both Eyes Open” by Allwood, Cullen, et al. to explore the critical importance of adopting sustainable practices in the materials industry. Our panelists will delve into the core principles laid out in the book and their implications for fostering a circular economy, reducing carbon footprints, […]

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Katherine Adams, Technical Director atKatherine Adams Technical Director
Alliance for Sustainable Building Products
Laura Baker, Head, Product Management & Development at Tata Steel UKLaura Baker Head, Product Management & Development
Tata Steel UK
Richard Curry, Programme Manager SUSTAIN at Swansea UniversityRichard Curry Research Programme Manager SUSTAIN
Swansea University
14:10 -  14:25

Made in UK

Synopsis to be published soon.

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Anil Jhanji, Chief Commercial Officer at Tata Steel UKAnil Jhanji Chief Commercial Officer
Tata Steel UK
14:30 -  15:20

Solar industry: How does the UK metals sector help support the government to reach its 70GW by 2035 ambition?

The panel discussion aims to explore the crucial partnership between the solar industry and the UK metals sector in realising the government’s ambitious target of generating 70GW of solar energy by 2035, building upon the existing 15GW capacity. With the increasing emphasis on renewable energy and the urgent need to combat climate change, the UK government has set an ambitious […]

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Dave Tattershall, Managing Director at Solarport Systems LtdDave Tattershall Managing Director
Solarport Systems Ltd
Emma Bartley, Marketing Project Manager at Tata SteelEmma Bartley Marketing Project Manager
Tata Steel UK
Jonathan Wilson, CEO at BIPVcoJonathan Wilson CEO
Paul Jones, Innovation & Technology Director Faculty of Science and Engineering at Swansea UniversityPaul Jones Innovation & Technology Director
Faculty of Science and Engineering at Swansea University
15:30 -  16:20

How construction platforms are driving the future of construction

Join us for an enlightening session to explore the transformative power of construction platforms and their impact on shaping the future of construction. In this dynamic discussion, our panelists will delve into the innovative approaches, technologies, and strategies employed by these leading organisations to revolutionise the construction landscape. From modular construction solutions to digitalisation and sustainable practices, we will explore […]

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Alex Small, Digital Platforms & Innovation lead at Tata Steel UKAlex Small Digital Platforms & Innovation lead
Tata Steel UK
Kevin O'Grady, CEO UrbanMASS, Director of KognitiveKevin O'Grady Director of Kognitive
Steve Nesbitt, Chief Technologist, Construction and Infrastructure at the MTCSteve Nesbitt Chief Technologist, Construction and Infrastructure
Wayne Yeomans, Sales & Marketing Director at Algeco UK OSSWayne Yeomans Sales & Marketing Director OSS
Algeco UK

Thursday 14th September 2023

10:00 -  10:50

How UK metals suppliers can support the ambitious growth targets of the offshore wind sector

This session will focus on the crucial role that UK metals suppliers can play in supporting and accelerating the growth of the offshore wind industry.

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Helen K Thomas, Senior Supply Chain Manager at RWEHelen K Thomas Senior Supply Chain Manager
Kamal Rajput, Strategic Business Development Lead at Tata Steel UKKamal Rajput Strategic Business Development Lead
Tata Steel UK
man-portrait-silhouetteMark Davies Business Development
Ledwood Mechanical Engineering
Simon Cheeseman, ORE Catapult’s Wave & Tidal Energy Sector Specialist.Simon Cheeseman Wave & Tidal Energy Sector Specialist
ORE Catapult
Dr Stephen Norris, Operations Director at Marine Power SystemsStephen Norris Operations Director
Marine Power Systems
11:00 -  11:50

Leading women, leading lights in the UK metals industry

Join us for an insightful session that celebrates the achievements of leading women in the UK metals industry, while emphasising the importance of creating a more inclusive and diverse business culture that benefits both women and men. Through their stories, we will explore the transformative power of diversity and gender equality in driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and cultivating a more […]

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Cheryl Anderson, Head of Innovation and External Networks in R&D at Tata SteelCheryl Anderson Head of Innovation and External Networks in R&D
Tata Steel
Kamal Rajput, Strategic Business Development Lead at Tata Steel UKKamal Rajput Strategic Business Development Lead
Tata Steel UK
Kirsty Davies-Chinnock, Managing Director at Professional Polishing ServicesKirsty Davies-Chinnock Managing Director
Professional Polishing Services
Sophie Fatoba, Chief Operating Officer at ISSBSophie Fatoba Chief Operating Officer
Tuesday Ibbotson, Area Human Resources Manager, Tata Steel UKTuesday Ibbotson Area Human Resources Manager
Tata Steel UK
12:00 -  12:50

Resource not waste: How Metal Packaging is a Model Material for the Circular Economy

The session focuses on the significant role of metal food cans as an exemplary model for promoting circular economy practices within the packaging industry. With growing concerns about environmental sustainability and waste management, the circular economy approach offers a transformative solution by reimagining waste as a valuable resource.

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Geoff Courtney, Head of Sales UK and Ireland at EnvasesGeoff Courtney Head of Sales UK and Ireland
Envases Europe A/S
Nicola Jones, Manager, Steel Packaging Recycling at Tata Steel UKNicola Jones Manager, Steel Packaging Recycling
Tata Steel UK
Robert Fell, Director & Chief Executive the Metal Packaging Manufacturers AssociationRobert Fell Director & Chief Executive
The Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association
Tom Giddings, Executive Director at Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation Ltd (Alupro)Tom Giddings Executive Director
Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation Ltd (Alupro)
13:00 -  13:50

How our future will be shaped by autonomous vehicles and what this means for metals suppliers

In this thought-provoking panel discussion, we delve into the transformative impact of autonomous vehicles on our future and explore the significant implications this technological revolution holds for metals suppliers. As the automotive industry accelerates towards autonomy, metals suppliers find themselves at the forefront of this paradigm shift, catering to the evolving demands of this dynamic sector.

More details
Jan Lukaszewski Technical Manager at ALFEDJan Lukaszewski Technical Manager
The Aluminium Federation ALFED
Neil McGregor, Chief Engineer, Vehicle Systems at RicardoNeil McGregor Chief Engineer, Vehicle Systems
Peter Jones, Engineering Knowledge Group Leader for Automotive at Tata SteelPeter Jones Engineering Knowledge Group Leader for Automotive
Tata Steel
14:00 -  14:30

Gaining Value from Data – How to use data and move towards Industry 4.0

By harnessing the power of our data, the metals industry can thrive, innovate, and play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future. The big question is how do we get there? Come an join this interactive panel discussion where we will be tackling this question and discussing the following topics: Where should we start our journey? What are the […]

More details
Adam Bates-GrayAdam Bates-Gray Principal Researcher - Data Science and Analytics
Tata Steel
Clare Bailey Master Data Manager
Tata Steel UK

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