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Looking for the latest developments in metal innovation and technology? This theatre is your opportunity to keep up with latest metals development for advanced manufacturing, access funding, boost competitiveness, and discover new industrial market applications and opportunities across various sectors from leading manufacturers and key stakeholders. Innovations in materials science and engineering offer enormous potential to boost next-generation manufacturing in the UK. There is a direct correlation between excellence in innovation and superior revenue growth. While there is no single roadmap for success in innovation, there are lessons that can be borrowed, tailored and made to work for any business.

Speakers include:

Henry Beaver
Managing Director
Beaver Bridges
Lindsay Greer, Professor of Materials Science at the University of Cambridge
Professor of Materials Science
University of Cambridge
Evgenia Yakushina
Forming Team Leader
Advanced Forming Research Centre, University of Strathclyde
Head of Specialist Support
Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3)

Wednesday 14th September 2022

11:00 -  11:50

Metal Matters: UK Manufacturers Driving Growth through Innovation

The ‘Metal Matters: UK Manufacturers Driving Growth through Innovation’ panel will be moderated by Made in Britain CEO John Pearce. The panellists, who have been selected from Made in Britain member companies, represent the breadth of innovation and opportunity across the UK metals sector as a whole. WDS Components makes machine parts and accessories, supporting equipment manufacturers and engineers all […]

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Catherine Barratt, Managing Director at FurnitubesCatherine Barratt Managing Director
Henry BeaverHenry Beaver Managing Director
Beaver Bridges
John Pearce, CEO at Made in BritainJohn Pearce Chief Executive Officer
Made in Britain
Mark Moody, Sales and Marketing Director at WDS Components LtdMark Moody Sales and Marketing Director
WDS Components Ltd
12:00 -  12:25

Business opportunities for metals sector in offshore wind

Offshore wind is set to grow from 10.4GW in 2021 to over 40GW by 2030. With a designed lifetime of 20-25 years, the first turbines are also starting to be decommissioned. Both the manufacturing of components and the end of use management offer novel business opportunities for the metal sector. Offshore wind turbine components consist for ca. 2/3 out of […]

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Anne VelenturfAnne Velenturf Senior Research Fellow in Circular Economy
University of Leeds
12:30 -  12:55

Unilever embraces metals to launch its first refillable deodorant

We’re on a mission to help reduce global waste. From using alternative materials to creating packaging innovations, we’re determined to transform the way we all think about the products we buy. Because, for lasting change, we need to shift our mindsets: buying less but better, and being inspired by the times that existed before our ‘disposable’ culture, when the things […]

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Sebastian Alvarez – R&D Innovation Director - UnileverSebastian Alvarez R&D Innovation Director
13:00 -  13:50

Transforming foundation industries challenge

The Transforming Foundation Industries Challenge, is a UK government funded programme investing £96 million in partnership with UK businesses to develop sustainable technologies that reduce the environmental impact of the Foundation Industries (Clean-tech for heavy industries). This is to ensure that these sectors remain internationally competitive and are ready to meet the government commitment of net zero carbon emissions by […]

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Bruce AdderleyBruce Adderley Challenge Director - Transforming Foundation Industries
Innovate UK
Cameron Pleydell-PearceCameron Pleydell-Pearce TATA Steel Chair
Swansea University
Christopher Pilgrim, Knowledge Transfer Manager - Materials at Innovate UK KTNChristopher Pilgrim Knowledge Transfer Manager - Materials
Innovate UK KTN
Mark Jolly, Director at TransFIRe Director of Manufacturing at Cranfield UniversityMark Jolly Director of Manufacturing
Cranfield University
14:00 -  14:50

Sustainable stainless steel in building and architecture

Stainless steels are high-tech materials (alloys) developed for a range of demanding, modern applications and environments. The greater awareness and growing appreciation of the longterm benefits of stainless steel is reflected in the sustained growth in the global production of stainless steel from 1 million tonnes in 1950 to more than 50 million tonnes today. An estimated 16% of the […]

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Nancy Badoo, Associate Director of The Steel Construction Institute (SCI)Nancy Baddoo Associate Director
Steel Construction Institute
Noel Lovatt, Director at X-Treme Systems LtdNoel Lovatt Director
X-Treme Systems Ltd
Rob Cooper, Managing Director BSSARob Cooper Managing Director
British Stainless Steel Association (BSSA)
Tim CollinsTim Collins Secretary General
The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF)
15:00 -  15:25

Case study: Metal Powder Atomisation Efficiency and Impacts on Additive Manufacturing

Powder atomisation is a cost-effective processing method that has the ability to produce complex shapes which are impractical, or even impossible, for conventional processes whilst minimising machining by producing parts at, or close to, final dimensions and minimising scrap loses. This presentation will outline the performance improvements developed by the Innovate UK The Sustainable Innovation Fund: SBRI phase 2 DANDY […]

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Chris Smith, Principal Researcher at Materials Processing InstituteChris Smith Principal Researcher
Materials Processing Institute
15:30 -  16:00

Indentation Plastometry – A Revolutionary Approach to the Mechanical Testing of Metals

Indentation Plastometry is a novel testing technology that extracts stress/strain curve’s from a 3-minute indentation test. The method uses a combination of testing hardware and an inverse finite element method to determine mechanical property data in a way that’s faster and more versatile than conventional methods. In this talk you will learn about the underlying methodology and how it can […]

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Jimmy Campbell, CTO at PlastometrexJimmy Campbell CTO and UKRI Future Leaders Fellow

Thursday 15th September 2022

10:30 -  10:55

The Future of Method Engineering with Simulation

Recent research has shown that nearly 50% of companies wait for a part or tool to fail before conducting simulation. In this presentation we will be exploring the benefits of upfront simulation before manufacture to reduce prototyping and part failure which in turn leads to faster design cycles and reduced costs. We will also be looking at barriers that traditionally […]

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Rob ShropshireRob Shropshire Director
Origin Engineering Solutions Ltd
11:00 -  11:50

Future developments in metallurgical science and their implications for the metallurgical industries in the UK

Metals and alloys are the backbone of manufacturing industry, underpinning many key sectors such as aerospace, automotive, construction, packaging, electronics, defence and general engineering.  In the UK, metals and the products that are manufactured from them support about 250,000 jobs and contribute about £200b to national GDP (about 10%).  On the downside, however, they contribute worldwide and in the UK […]

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Brian Cantor - University of Bradford Vice ChancellorBrian Cantor Professor of Materials
Oxford and Brunel Universities
Lindsay Greer, Professor of Materials Science at the University of CambridgeLindsay Greer Professor of Materials Science
University of Cambridge
Patrick GrantPatrick Grant Vesuvius Chair of Materials, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
University of Oxford
Phil Withers, Chief Scientist at the Henry Royce InstitutePhilip Withers Professor of Materials Science
University of Manchester
Zhongyun FanZhongyun Fan Director of BCAST
Brunel University London
12:00 -  12:25

Resource efficient manufacturing through the optimisation of manufacturing and heating technologies

If the right material should be in the right place, then the right manufacturing technology should be used to achieve target shape. Therefore Resource efficient manufacturing is based on three fundamental pillars: selection of the appropriate material, understanding of the part design features, development/assessment of the suitable manufacturing technology, which need to be supported by the risk and cost assessment. […]

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Evgenia YakushinaEvgenia Yakushina Forming Team Leader
Advanced Forming Research Centre, University of Strathclyde
12:30 -  12:55

Rapid alloy processing for steel product enhancement

The financial risks in developing a new alloy or thermomechanical process for a steelmaker are significant, especially in the light of recent increases in raw materials and energy costs. Liberty Steel has therefore been collaborating with Warwick Manufacturing Group to explore how rapid alloy processing (RAP) facilities in academia can be used to de-risk and accelerate the pathway to production […]

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Carl SlaterCarl Slater Assistant Professor
WMG, University of Warwick
Matt GreenMatt Green Principal Researcher
Liberty Speciality Steels
13:00 -  13:25

The future of metal powder production: the Metalysis FFC process

The demand for quality metal and metal alloy powders from additive manufacturing, aerospace, defence, electronics, clean energy firms and many more industries that are central to our progress is set to grow massively. The key to cost-effective, fit-for-purpose powders lies in the technology used to create them. The Metalysis FFC process was developed at Cambridge University, UK, in 1997 and […]

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Ian Mellor, Managing Director at MetalysisIan Mellor Managing Director
13:30 -  13:55

Application of Industrial Digital Technologies (IDTs) to Steelmaking

The Materials Processing Institute operates a pilot scale steel making facility which is unique within the UK. The facility serves a dual purpose of being a functional production facility for melts up to 7 tonnes in size and a R & D facility for the development and application of new technologies. The Institute has successfully applied the various IDTs that […]

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Chris Oswin, Digital Technologies Group Manager at the Materials Processing InstituteChris Oswin Digital Technologies Group Manager
Materials Processing Institute
14:00 -  14:25

Innovating together to forge a sustainable future for the UK metals industry

Metals are at the very heart of modern society. Nothing is made without metals being part of the process, product or solution. In the face of the very real climate emergency, the impact of Brexit, war, global supply chain shortages and the growing cost of living crisis it will be the UK metals industry which plays a key role in […]

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Anil Jhanji, Chief Commercial Officer at Tata Steel UKAnil Jhanji Chief Commercial Officer
Tata Steel UK
14:30 -  15:20

Surface Technologies as an enabler in the drive towards Net Zero

Through the IOM3 Surface Technology Group, the session will explore the innovations in Surface Technology and how these are instrumental in facilitating the drive towards decarbonisation and net zero. Covering areas such as metrology, testing and digitalisation and where coatings and corrosion resistance play a part in the path to a sustainable world. Discussions will be available after a series […]

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Beatriz MingoBeatriz Mingo Royal Academy of Engineering Fellow in the Department of Materials
The University of Manchester
Mark GeeMark Gee Fellow
National Physical Laboratory
Ping XiaoPing Xiao Rolls-Royce/Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair in Advanced Coating Technology
The University of Manchester
tanvir hussainTanvir Hussain EPSRC Research Fellow, Professor of Coatings and Surface Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
The University of Nottingham
15:30 -  15:55

Advances in Offshore Pipeline Repairs

Stephen will cover the current state-of-the-art in subsea pipeline repair systems. Subsea pipelines are subjected to a range of environmental factors that can cause them to require maintenance. The session will include details of actual examples from recent pipeline repair projects, plus a glimpse of the future with the development of a new robotic friction stir welding system at TWI.

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Stephen CaterStephen Cater Principal Project Leader - Friction and Forge Processes

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