Sustainable mobility: future for Aerospace and Automotive sectors, a challenge for SMEs?

Wednesday 13th September 2023

Theatre :  Supply Chain, Trade and Policy 


There are multiple examples of how individual businesses progressing on the journey of sustainability, but it should be accepted that the challenges are rather complex for even the biggest companies to overcome it. Development of the joint framework, approach and conditions is imperative and can be done efficiently if stakeholders will be working together throughout the value chain.

The panel aimed to discuss what are the main approaches from Tier 1 and OEM perspective to develop flexible and applicable tactic to quickly adapt the developments in the area of future mobility and how SMEs could collaborate with large stakeholders to quickly boost the development of the innovations.

Engineers and manufacturers used to say that the design should be developed for manufacturing, but can the mentality be changed, and parts will be designed from the outset to be recycled or how the parts could be designed to last longer or can be refreshed?

What will be the transition in the used materials for automotive and aerospace application and how the green energy prices might affect the business case?

Alan Banks, UK Lightweight Innovations Manager at Ford Motor CompanyAlan Banks UK Lightweight Innovations Manager
Ford Motor Company
Christopher Greenough, Chief Commercial Officer at SDE TechnologyChristopher Greenough Chief Commercial Officer
SDE Technology
David Milliken, Metallic Engineer at BoeingDavid Milliken Metallics Engineer
Evgenia Yakushina, Forming Team Leader, Advanced Forming Research Centre, University of StrathclydeEvgenia Yakushina Forming Team Leader
Advanced Forming Research Centre, University of Strathclyde
Harriet Wollerton, ADS Services Director, ADS Group LtdHarriet Wollerton ADS Services Director
ADS Group Ltd
Jahan Zabe Ali, Director of Research & Technology Europe, Spirit AeroSystemsJahan Zabe Ali Director of Research & Technology Europe
Spirit AeroSystems

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