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Thursday 15th September 2022

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We live in a world where price dictates every purchase we make, and often procurement is made, irrespective of how supplier performance and product quality impact the supply chain.

We all look for that potential saving, even if it is relatively small, which we perceive as offering value. In the metals supply chain, such a perception of value is no different. Even a slight reduction in price per kilo can have a significant impact, especially on bulk purchases. However, we substantiate that such buying practices are potentially flawed. You may purchase materials that are a few pence per kilo cheaper and think you have got a better deal but is this truly the case?

Cost savings on raw material purchases will prove irrelevant if you partner with a supplier whose performance is poor, including:

  • Lack of stock certainty / availability
  • Poor delivery performance
  • Poor product consistency
  • Continual machine setup changes due to batch variation of the same material
  • Inconsistent product quality between batches

These are some examples that represent potential costs to your business that are not always apparent. What we are talking about here is effectively managing through-costs. Cost performance is not nearly as significant at the point of purchase compared to costs you may incur due to late delivery, poor product quality or lack of stock certainty.

Is your business being affected by these issues? Are you looking for a solution to revolutionise your business and improve your supply chain whilst managing through costs?

Speaker session take aways

  • How to drive down through costs
  • How to dramatically improve supply chain processes with bespoke IT systems tailored to you

Darren Sutton, Central Operations Manager at Smith Smiths Metal CentresDarren Sutton Central Operations Manager
Smiths Metal Centres

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