Reporting on Carbon for the Metals Sector

Wednesday 14th September 2022

Theatre :  Sustainability and Circular Economy 


The first step to reducing your carbon footprint is to measure it – ‘what gets measured gets managed’

An important part of this transition is helping organisations understand how and what greenhouse gas emissions they generate and what they can do to minimise them.

There are direct benefits to organisations from measuring and reporting as they will benefit from lower energy and resource costs, a better understanding of their exposure to the risks of climate change and a demonstration of leadership which will help strengthen their green credentials in an increasingly environmentally conscious marketplace.

However, the lack or absence of trained personal in SMEs is usually the first issue that they have to overcome.

For the first time, the UK Metals Council is launching an initiative to support and train all businesses within the UK Metals Supply Chains to get the job done.

Lord Redesdale Conference Chairman
UK Metals Expo

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