Remanufacture, reuse and recycle: auto, aero and wind – what we can learn from each other?

Wednesday 11th September 2024

Theatre :  Sustainability and Circular Economy 


Exploring the principles of circular economy across automotive, aerospace, and wind sectors reveals valuable insights into remanufacture, reuse, and recycling practices. These industries showcase innovative approaches to extend the lifecycle of products, minimise waste, and maximise resource efficiency.

Key lessons include the adoption of modular designs for ease of disassembly and reassembly, implementation of reverse logistics systems to facilitate the return of end-of-life products, and integration of advanced technologies for remanufacturing processes.

Additionally, emphasis on material recovery and closed-loop systems underscores the importance of sustainable sourcing and waste reduction strategies. By examining successful initiatives across these sectors, we can glean best practices and inform the development of comprehensive circular economy frameworks for broader adoption and impact.

Andreas Reimer, ReMake Lead at NMISAndreas Reimer Program lead for Remanufacturing
National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS)
David Milliken, Metallic Engineer at BoeingDavid Milliken Metallics Engineer
Evgenia Yakushina, Advanced Forming Research Centre, University of StrathclydeEvgenia Yakushina Principal Knowledge-Exchange Fellow
James Barry, CEO at Renewable Parts LtdJames Barry Chief Executive
Renewable Parts Ltd
Paul Cantwell, Head Of Net Zero Programmes, National Manufacturing Institute ScotlandPaul Cantwell Head Of Net Zero Programmes
National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS)

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