Indentation Plastometry – A Revolutionary Approach to the Mechanical Testing of Metals

Wednesday 14th September 2022

Theatre :  Technology, Innovation and R&D 


Indentation Plastometry is a novel testing technology that extracts stress/strain curve’s from a 3-minute indentation test. The method uses a combination of testing hardware and an inverse finite element method to determine mechanical property data in a way that’s faster and more versatile than conventional methods.

In this talk you will learn about the underlying methodology and how it can be applied characterize the strength of a broad range of metallic materials.

A case study exploring the use of Indentation Plastometry to characterize the plasticity of a Aluminum forging will be presented.

Session Take Away

  • What is Indentation Plastometry is
  • How the new technology compared to conventional methods
  • Applications for the new test method and it’s potential role in the AL industry
Jimmy Campbell, CTO at PlastometrexJimmy Campbell CTO and UKRI Future Leaders Fellow

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