Gaining Value from Data – How to use data and move towards Industry 4.0

Thursday 14th September 2023

Theatre :  Made in the UK 


By harnessing the power of our data, the metals industry can thrive, innovate, and play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future. The big question is how do we get there? Come an join this interactive panel discussion where we will be tackling this question and discussing the following topics:

  • Where should we start our journey?
  • What are the key benefits, challenges and considerations when delivering data-driven solutions and insights?
    • Guided analytics, Advanced Analytics, citizen data scientists and AI
    • Moving data to the cloud
    • Data Governance
    • Data sharing vs data privacy
  • How should we get maximum value with minimum cost?
  • How do we tackle the increasing demands of our business partners and statutory bodies to have data
Adam Bates-GrayAdam Bates-Gray Principal Researcher - Data Science and Analytics
Tata Steel
Clare Bailey Master Data Manager
Tata Steel UK

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