Hitachi High-Tech metals analyzers for manufacturing and fabrication

Hitachi High-Tech metals analyzers for manufacturing and fabrication

Today’s metals analyzers make it easy to implement quality control and quality assurance (QA/QC) programs. Hitachi’s range of analyzers support the end-to-end metals production process from incoming inspection to final product assembly and finished goods testing to ensure product reliability, safety and regulatory compliance.

Complex supply chains, more stringent regulations and increased use of scrap metal means today’s best practices include a robust QA & QC program that centers around 100% PMI (positive material identification) testing of critical materials. This is especially the case in high-technology markets, such as aerospace, automotive and pharmaceutical, where material mix-ups and wrongly graded metals can damage reputations, cost money and cause injury.

Today’s analysis technology makes it possible to verify the grade and elemental composition of materials at every stage, with reliable and accurate analytical performance results delivered in seconds.

Hitachi offers a toolbox of metals analyzers to ensure you have the right tool for the job at every point of your metals production. Choose from OES technology for low-detection limits for precise material chemistry, XRF for non-destructive testing (NDT) of finished products or LIBS for 1-second grade verification of incoming alloys. Portable, handheld and benchtop instruments are available to make analysis fast and simple even when dealing with large and complex components. Advanced technology within a robust exterior, coupled with intuitive software, makes the Hitachi range of metals analyzers ideal for the precise analysis needed in critical manufacturing operations.

Our experts will show the stationary OES OE750, the handheld XRF X-MET8000 and the handheld LIBS Vulcan+ at the UK Metals Expo, hall 10, booth H2.

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