Alfa Laval is partnering with Outokumpu to cut carbon emissions

Alfa Laval is partnering with Outokumpu to cut carbon emissions

The agreement with Outokumpu, one of Alfa Laval’s main stainless-steel suppliers, will enable a shift from regular stainless steel to steel with half the original carbon footprint.

The steel (Circle green®), made from high-quality recycled material, will be used in Alfa Laval’s heat exchanger production. The shift is a vital part of Alfa Laval’s work towards a net-zero future.

Most of the Alfa Laval steel purchased from Outokumpu, a global steel manufacturer, will now be the low carbon stainless steel variety. This change applies to heat exchangers used in the energy transition towards a more sustainable energy supply, including energy efficiency, waste heat recovery, and heat pumps. These heat exchangers are currently produced in large quantities with the potential for future growth.

Since Alfa Laval’s heat exchangers can contain up to 80 percent stainless steel, this shift is significant. Considering that global steel production accounts for 7 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions, opting for alternative steel with a lower carbon footprint will make a big impact on society’s goal of reducing carbon emissions.

The change is part of Alfa Laval’s multi-channel plan to be carbon neutral by 2030. In addition, it also supports the company’s suppliers and customers in reaching their carbon-neutral targets. By reducing the carbon footprint upstream in Scope 3, through the use of Circle green steel, Alfa Laval enables customers to cut down on their Scope 3 downstream emissions. It is a win-win as it is all interconnected.

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